What got you started?

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Re: What got you started?

Postby Gussy » Fri Apr 06, 2012 12:06 pm

Started shooting black powder in the early 70's with a TC Hawken .45 and I still have it. I shot quite a few deer with it and a couple of elk. Late 70's I traded 2 junker Ithica shotguns for a Navy Arms 12 ga double. Still have that too. I shot a bunch of birds with it from chukar to geese. Basically, I've been shooting black powder for quite a few years. The only exception being a 7mm I sometimes take elk hunting depending on if I want to caryy 8 lbs or 12 lbs :lol: :lol:

Late 90's I got an original conversion Sharps 50-70 and no I don't have it...wish I did. :| I bought a couple of Brownings when they were dumping them cheap?? Then got a Shiloh...and another....and another... :wink: :wink:

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Re: What got you started?

Postby clearcrickshooter » Fri Apr 06, 2012 12:40 pm

Back in 1997 a good frien in NE where I lived then who was a gun nut then and still now (he is 72) asked me one day if I wanted to shoot blackpowder at 600 yards with open sights. I, of course as is the norm for a first time BP shooter said,Didn't know you could shoot blackpowder that far. It was a Shuttleworth in 40-60 Stevens if my memory serves me well. I was astonished at the accuracy and 15 years later and thousands of dollars later I am hooked. I would like to beat him to a pulp for almost causing divorce many times! Clearcrickshooter

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Re: What got you started?

Postby SIXSHOOTER » Mon May 07, 2012 10:17 am

I netflixed Valdez is comming after reading a post here. Watched it three times this weekend. Good movie. Really good movie.

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Re: What got you started?

Postby borderdogs » Mon May 07, 2012 3:08 pm

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Re: What got you started?

Postby jdb3 » Tue May 08, 2012 12:27 pm

I too started black powder shooting in the early 1970's. Ken Rawlins taught me that and I'm forever grateful. I held a Shiloh at Warshaw's (sp) in Seattle in 1981 (they had an entire wall of them on display) but was just out of the service and going to school. Just couldn't afford it. I've shot many rifles at quite a few heads of game, but my best was the nice bull moose I took two years ago with that 50 2 1/2 Shiloh Sharps.
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Re: What got you started?

Postby vgostomski » Tue May 08, 2012 5:22 pm

In 2007 I was told by my father that my son was the last to carry the Gostomski name from my grandfather. I found that very hard to believe, considering I have over 60 first cousins on that side of the family, and, who knows how many 2nd and 3rds.... So, my mind began to wander, always thinking about that little piece of trivia. On day I was on the internet doing the things that I do, looking at gun porn, when I came across an old gun website, not shiloh though. That website spured a thought, one of how a gun can become so personal, last so long, and mean so much to a family. The WW1 bolt action shotgun that my Grandpa Gostomski carried is to this day in my safe,,,and still gives me a conection with memories of him. So a search began, looking for a gun that would connect with my son, and the future generations of Gostomski's (he better have a boy). I looked for a couple of years before I made the decision (after stumbling onto this forum actually) to go with Shiloh. It is the combination of both the old and new. It is the transition of the old muzzle loaders to modern era rifles. It is one of the guns that tamed the west. And it reaks of AMERICAN QUALITY!! So, on 20June10, I sent in my deposit, the rest as they say is history. Lucinda, Suzi, and Luxus walnut made my dream of a family heirloom become a reality. Delivered into my hands 01May12.

On Saturday, my son and I went to the range and ran the first 15 rounds through the gun..... I don't know who was happier, me to shot it, or him getting to watch me shot it. As soon as we got home he runs inside to tell his mom all about it..... SO, I guess the memories have just started, and, the connection has been made..... To the past, and, into the future.......


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