Cheyenne BPTRA and .22 Mid Range Matches 2022

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Cheyenne BPTRA and .22 Mid Range Matches 2022

Post by 40-65rl » Fri Oct 22, 2021 10:08 am

2022 Cheyenne Mid Range Matches
Good Day all,
Know this is way early but the Cheyenne Board of Directors wanted it
for the annual newsletter so I thought I would share it with you.

There are no matches in July due to the .22 BPCRA nationals and the
HOTSA/Smithmoor BPCR Silhouette matches at Raton the second week of
July. At least that is when I am told they have requested use of the
ranges at the Whitt. If this changes then my schedule may change also.
Cheyenne Frontier Days is the last full week of July and motels and rooms
are expensive as we have an extra 150,000 people in town during the ten days.

The .22 national Mid Range Championships are projected to be the
Tuesday before the four day Smithmoor .22 Regional and BPCR silhouette
matches start on that Thursday with the BPCR first then the .22
Regional. It is a beautiful time of the year to head to Wyoming and
these matches should be on your travel list. The Smithmoor range is
only 30 minutes from Cheyenne and has camping facilities available at
a ridiculously low cost. A .22 mid range match may be added on the
Sunday after the BPTRA mid Range matches but not for sure at this
time. Stay tuned.

Target shooting is alive an well in Wyoming including the Cheyenne
Rifle and Pistol Club and the Wyoming State Mid Range championships.
We are sanctioned by the Black Powder Target Rife Association and
have, what I believe to be one of the finest mid range facilities.
Just a little over 2 hours South is the home of the BPTRA in Byers and
there are multiple matches, the national Mid Range Championship, the
famous money match and the National Creedmoor Championships are
scheduled trough the summer and early Fall. check out the BPTRA web
site for everything about this organization. There are multiple
matches in Alliance, Nebraska through the summer also. Check them
out, silhouettes, mid range and clang and bang matches.
See ya at the range.


I am no longer following this site except to post this notice or updates about the Cheyenne matches If you need info or
want to comment about these matches please e mail me, not a PM. thanks


TIME: 8:00 A.M. Sign in. 9:00 A.M. – Firing commences.

LOCATION: Cheyenne Rifle & Pistol Club Outdoor Range – 10 miles northwest of Cheyenne, WY. Go north on Interstate 25 to Exit 16, Horse Creek Road, West on Horse Creek Road for 3.3 miles to Telephone Road go North on Telephone Road for 2 miles. Turn East on dirt road for ½ mile to range gate. The match will be shot at the high-power range on East end of range.

CAMPING: Camping is not available at the CRPC range, it is available at the Smithmoor Range, Carpenter, WY. Contact them for reservations. Thanks.

.22 BPCR TARGET RULES: All .22 BPCR targets are shot at 200 yards. The 200-yard full size mid-range target then the 300- and 600-yard targets are reduced size NRA targets. All rifles must conform to current .22 Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Association rules. Empty Chamber Indicators required and are available for loan at the match. Membership in BPCRA is not required but encouraged. Iron and scope are not separate classes and there are no classifications for the shooters. Everyone is shooting head-to-head. High spotter, high woman, high Junior, high senior, and super senior award certificates for the July match and awards for the National Championships.

BPTRA RULES and INFORMATION: Black Powder Target Rifle Association (BPRA) Rules apply. Web site: Rifles are falling block rifles with exposed hammers, shooting black powder or black powder substitutes with cast lead bullets. No jacketed bullets or smokeless powder. Rifles are based on rifles with a patient date of 1898 or earlier. Common rifles are Sharps, Remington Rolling Blocks, Winchester Highwalls and Stevens 44.5. Common calibers are 45-70, 45-90, 40-65 and 44- 77. Any shooting position may be used to shoot the match except bench rest. Most shooters shoot prone using cross sticks for support. Each shooter will have a spotter who helps with sight adjustments and is the shooters scorekeeper. Each four-person squad has two on the firing line and two in the pits who lower the targets, mark them, and return them to the shooting position. They will also repair targets as needed and assist with returning the target frames into the storage area after the match. Empty Chamber Indicators required and are available for loan or purchase at the match. If you have a walkie talkie, please bring them for your squad to use. Target berms determined by match director

GENERAL: Shooters will score and operate targets. No food is provided. Water is available.

ENTRY: Advise Dick if you are attending any of the listed matches. RHENNEBRY at bresnan dot net

June 25, 2022, BPTRA Match: MR-Any 500, 30 shot mid-range any position, 10 shots each @ 300yds, 500yds, and 600yds, 4 sighters per distance. 25 minutes with 3-minute Prep Period. $10 entry

August 9, 2022, .22 Mid-Range Target National Championship. 45 shots mid-range any position. 15 shots each 200-yard full size target, 300 and 600yard reduced size target all shot at 200 yards. 4 sighters per string total 20 minutes with 2-minute prep period. $20 entry

August 27 Match: BPTRA Match: MR-Any 600, 30 shot midrange any position, three 10 shot strings all @ 600yds, 4 sighters per string total. 25 minutes with 3-minute prep period. $10 entry

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