2022 BPTRA Dates

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2022 BPTRA Dates

Post by COBPTR » Tue Dec 14, 2021 9:35 pm

I wanna play too!

I’ve confirmed my dates for the 2022 BPTRA matches at Colorado Rifle Club in Byers, CO.

BPTRA Midrange Championships
Day 1, Practice/Setup
Day 2, 45 shot Creedmoor Match (standalone)
Day 3, 30 shot Position Match (200,300,600)
Day 4, 30 shot Any Position Match (300, 500, 600)

High Plains 1000yd Challenge Money Match
Day 1, Practice/Setup
Day 2, 600 Any Position Match (standalone match)
Day 3, Money Match
Day 4, Money Match

BPTRA Creedmoor Nationals
Day 1, Practice/Setup
Day 2, Creedmoor Nationals 800, 900, 1000
Day 3, Creedmoor Nationals 800, 900, 1000
Day 4, Creedmoor Nationals 1000 x 2 (30 shots)

I’m counting on some time off at the end of this year and I’ll get the website and Match Calendar updated. I’ll be updating all the records set in 2021 as well. There were quite a few!
I know Dick Hennebry already has some match dates for Cheyenne this Summer and I’m sure the Wyoming State Midrange Match in Worland we’ll be with us as well. Look out for updates from those Match Directors and I’ll get those on the BPTRA Match Calendar as well.

See you on the line!

Robert Garibay
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

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