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We custom build Shiloh Sharps® Blackpowder Rifles from foundry to finish.


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Welcome to Shiloh Rifle.com

As you look around the pages of this site, you will discover that, as with the original Sharps, our rifles are not intended for the mass market. They are for the shooter, hunter, competitor and collector who wants something special. Therefore, we will NEVER SACRIFICE quality for higher production figures. To do so would compromise the "soul" of this product, and disappoint those wishing today for the quality that was the norm in the 19th Century American firearms. We feel that Shiloh Sharps Rifles reflect the extra time and effort that go into their manufacture.

There are many helper pages included in this website to aid in choosing the best possible Shiloh Sharps for you. Check out our Custom Features page to help you decide on the caliber, barrel weight, butt stock and other custom details before you call or place an order. Thank you for considering our product - the incomparable Shiloh Sharps Rifle.

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